Review on Adventures of a Bookonaut

It’s rare as a reviewer that I get surprised by a work, when you read a lot of quality fiction your expectations are high. When We Have Wings enchanted me as I was reading it and had me deep in thought when I wasn’t....

Only reading can do this book justice

No short block of text is going to adequately impress on you the scope of this novel.  So rich did I find the world building, so convincing and multi-layered did I find Corbett’s vision that it seems a pity to let it rest at one novel....

This book got under my skin and awoke in me that rare experience in fiction where for a second, magic or the imagined becomes tantalisingly real.  I caught my self day dreaming, watching clouds and believing.

Don’t let this slip under the Specfic radar

...This is a book that quite comfortably sits in the realm of speculative fiction, I would hope it gets nominated for an Aurealis; it should be nominated for a Campbell if not a Hugo award.

Don’t let this one slip under your radar. - Sean the Bookonaut