The Reading Room by Brigita Ozolins – Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Brigita Ozolins

22 July – 16 October 2011
Art Gallery 4

“My father’s ever-expanding library was a constant source of inspiration; the universe itself seemed contained within those books.”

-Brigita Ozolins

The Reading Room is an exhibition about the wonderful world of books and reading.

The gallery is transformed into a warm den of carpets, plush furniture and reading lamps.

Lining the room are literally thousands of books, arranged in great piles, and across the red walls a mysterious code appears.

Watch and listen to people – famous and ordinary – read excerpts from their favourite books. 
Go to The Reading Room website and upload your own recorded readings to contribute to the art work.

I was fascinated to hear about this exhibition from some friends: “Dear Claire

Charles and I are in Hobart and there is a wonderful installation at the Tas Museum called “The reading room” by Brigita Ozolins, an artist from melb.

It is a huge room with armchairs and reading lights and literally 1000’s of book line the walls.
One whole wall is a screen showing people reading from their favourite book.  Across the bottom is the name of the reader and the book they are reading / author.

She was filming people reading from their favourite book for a video piece today as part of this exhibition.  So we ducked home and picked up your book, which Charles had brought with him, and went back to do a reading.
This was filmed by Charles standing to the side, but it will give you an idea.

So there you have it, your book has already made it onto A big screen!

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