Winged Steampunk

Lithgow Ironfest is a glorious celebration of creative anachronism once a year in this coal-mining town just beyond the Great Dividing Range. Ironfest started with blacksmithing and now embraces steampunk, jousting, Napoleonic era reenactment, robots, Dr Who, birds of prey, archery on horseback, a medieval village, steampunk Samurai, WWII soldiers, a mariachi band and things impossible to name.


The Story of My Book – Readings Blog

The fourth post in my blog tour is a post for the Readings Blog, which asks the question, would you give your child wings?

“I thought about the history of plastic surgery and of fertility technology while writing the slightly futuristic ‘When We Have Wings’. I say slightly futuristic because these technologies of the self are already here, they show us what will happen as our power to alter ourselves colludes with economic power: we will stop at nothing to get what we want, especially for our children.”

Monday June 27th was the big day – release of When We Have Wings

Even better, two of the most awesome bookshop window displays I have ever seen are devoted to my book. One is my local bookstore, Megalong Books, and the other is Lovethatbook on the Gold Coast. Bookshop owner Benette Hibbens made those stunning fluffy wings with her own hands. Amazing. Try doing that with an ebookstore. 

Love those bookstores.