LiteraryMinded – Angela Meyer April 26

When We Have Wings is hence densely layered. It’s smart and political, raising the kind of questions the best science fiction should raise (about ethics, about progress, about how future generations will make meaning), but it’s also just damn entertaining. The characters are well-rounded, the story is genuinely exciting, and best of all, Corbett does not pander to her readers. She does not tie everything into a neat little bow. The future is possibly bleak and strange, it may also be exhilarating. Either way, we will have to deal with many of the same issues we deal with now. – Angela Meyer


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The Audio Book is coming…I’m so excited

Bolinda Publishing has recorded the audio book of When We Have Wings.

You can listen to an excerpt here:

Peter Hosking reads the book and I think he’s just right – worldweary but not flat, Aussie but not in a caricatured way. It’s so vivid to listen to, almost like experiencing the film of it.

The audio book will be available from April 28 (worldwide, I think) on CD or as an MP3.