My program for Continuum 8 Melbourne – Friday 8 June & Sat 9th June

Panel: Splicing Genres Friday 16:00 (60 Minutes)Jane Routley, Jenny Blackford, Lisa Hannett, Claire Corbett
Fantasy murder mysteries, horror spy novels, science fiction romance… do the best stories defy genre boundaries?

Backyard Speculation Saturday 10:00 (60 Minutes)Tor Roxburgh, Jason Nahrung, Gillian Polack, Claire Corbett, Lachlan Walter

Speculative fiction drawing on Australian settings and cultural themes is all too rare, and so disappointing when it’s done carelessly. So how do you go about writing thoughtful Australian spec fic? What are the big issues, pitfalls and rewards?

Humanity Enhanced Saturday 15:00 (60 Minutes)Russell Blackford, Adam Ford, m1k3y, Claire Corbett
Explore the potential of self-directed human evolution. Discuss its personal and social implications. Are you ready for your upgrades?

Readings Saturday 16:00 (60 Minutes)Claire Corbett, Angela Slatter, Lisa Hannet, Felicity Dowker

Writing Storyworlds – New Versus Existing Saturday 18:00 (60 Minutes)Colin Harvey, Claire Corbett, Louise Cusack, Danny Oz
A discussion of the processes involved in creating convincing storyworlds from scratch compared with writing material for existing storyworlds such as Doctor Who, Highlander and Dan Dare.

Barbara Jefferis Award 2012

This was a classy event put on by the Australian Society of Authors to celebrate the fifth annual Barbara Jefferis Award. Anne Summers gave a rousing speech. Anna Funder won for her novel All That I Am. Congratulations Anna.


Three shortlistees attended the BJA Award ceremony: Georgia Blain, Gail Jones and me. I hadn’t met Georgia or Gail before and it was such a pleasure to talk to them. We ended up standing together as the award was announced; we could have been seen as competitors but I felt so much support. My lovely agent, Selwa Anthony, also came to show her support. Thank you, Selwa. Margo Lanagan was there too and it was lovely talking to her and to Sophie Masson, the head of the ASA, and to Derek from Better Read Than Dead books in Newtown. From L to R below: Georgia Blain, Gail Jones, me.

Gloucester Writers Festival 4-6 May

This panel, with Rob Riel, me, Michael Pryor and Meg Mundell, was so much fun, as you can see from the photo. Judging by appreciative comments from the audience afterwards, they enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks to Lindy Dupree for organising such a lovely and intimate festival. I felt as if Rob and Michael and Meg were instantly friends and loved meeting Lisa Heidke and Lisa Walker too. Jesse Blackadder’s talk and slideshow on Antarctica was also a highlight. Thanks everyone and especially again to Lindy and James for putting us up and looking after us.

Glamorous IWD Stella Prize Event

Do women write differently than men? Do we judge writing by women differently? Why do these questions matter right now for readers and writers? Where: The Carrington Hotel Ballroom Katoomba When: 6–7:30 pm, Thursday March 8. Cost: FREE. All welcome.

Celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8 with a feast of words and ideas from acclaimed authors Kirsten Tranter, Tara Moss and Claire Corbett, with blogger Elizabeth Lhuede, in a discussion sponsored by The Stella Prize, a new annual award for women’s writing.

Where: The Carrington Hotel Ballroom, 15-47 Katoomba Rd, Katoomba