‘Lovely Sky Monsters’

Camille Seaman is an amazing photographer whose work I’ve just seen for the first time. The Atlantic has published a stunning photoessay on supercell storms; if you’ve read WHEN WE HAVE WINGS, you’ll know why I love these.

There’s also an interesting article on Seaman chasing supercell storms, Chasing Danger, Capturing Beauty, in the NYtimes Lens blog.

(above photo was posted to the Lens FB page)

The earlier story, on icebergs, is also a must.

Not only are the photographs superb, I’m particularly interested in how the article describes the way Seaman’s eye and sensibility were shaped by her grandfather: ‘Every day, from when she was 5 until his death when she was 13, he would make Ms. Seaman and her brother sit outside without moving, for one hour. After an hour, he would call them into the house and ask what they had seen.’

Lens is a relatively new photojournalism blog but appears to have quickly become essential reading/viewing for people serious about photography and photojournalism.