I am so excited to announce…A-Team

I have a Russian publishing deal!

Appropriately enough, I found out just before attending the SWF screening of Stalker, the Tarkovsky film, introduced by the witty and lovely Geoff Dyer. Of course I bought his book about Stalker, Zona.

That brings my overseas publishing deals for When We Have Wings to four: The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and now Russia.

My Russian publisher is called A-Team. How cool is that? The imprint is called Lenizdat, which is one of the oldest names in Russian publishing. As the name implies, it was “the publishing house of the Leningrad oblast committee of the CPSU, one of the oldest Soviet publishing houses. It was established Nov. 29 (Dec. 12), 1917, as the Publishing House of the Petrograd Soviet; it became Lengiz in 1924 and Lenizdat in 1938”. (info from The Free Dictionary)