2SER Final Draft interview broadcast Mon Dec 19 7pm

Had such a good time yesterday returning to my alma mater, the University of Technology, Sydney, for an interview with Stephanie Coombes for Radio 2SER’s Final Draft program. I won’t be able to listen to the broadcast – I’m too far away – but I’ll put up the date and time as soon as I know it and link to the podcast when I can.

I felt so nostalgic walking into the great grey-brown tower again – I love that place. It may look ugly on the outside but inside was functional and fun. A great university and I loved doing my two degrees there.

Stephanie Coombes was lovely to do an interview with and very professional – she read my book on very short notice and had thought a lot about it. I loved your comment, Stephanie, about enjoying the voices of the children so much and how well captured they were. I love that aspect of the book too. There’s something wrong, as you said, when you read pages of dialogue between small children and adults and you can’t tell who’s talking. Yes, famous writer of westerns who’s dabbled in post-apocalyptic sci-fi, we’re looking at you!

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